Recently crowned Mrs India Globe in New Delhi, Aparna Bajpai has the resilience and confidence that judges look for when crowning a beauty queen. Mrs India pageant is the most respected title and award in India that allows married women to participate and showcase their talents and skills. In September 2018, Aparna walked away with the crown after working hard for months in preparation for the title. Now Aparna wants to impart the knowledge that she learned along the way to achieving the coveted title.

Dubai resident, Aparna didn’t have the chance to join any formal pageant training programme so she decided to format her own fitness, grooming and beauty regime. After months of following a rigorous plan she entered the competition with self-confidence, but was still surprised when her name was announced.

The title not only endorsed Aparna’s hard work and talent, it was also a turning point for her. Aparna realised that she would also like to empower other women who feel that they may have lost their chance to achieve their dreams and aspirations now that they have become home-makers. As a result Aparna launched BeingShe – a powerful platform which aims to bring together women from different industries but with the same vision of uplifting their lives, honing their talents and pursuing their ambitions.

“BeingShe is a platform for self-knowledge and for personal development and enrichment. To show that every woman is unique and how they can identify and celebrate their own uniqueness,” Aparna sums it up.

As a mother and wife Aparna discovered the fine balance of pursuing her dreams while not disrupting her home. This is exactly what every modern woman wants to achieve and therefore Aparna wants to share this personal experience with other women as well. Under the BeingShe platform experts from different industries give their advice and consultation to women who also want to evolve, grow and fulfil their dreams.

BeingShe and Reddwings Production have collaborated to bring this opportunity for women in the UAE to partake in Mrs India Globe 2019, which will be held in Dubai.